Man and Obesity

Obesity has been for some time, one of the triggers of many of the problems of male health, creating a sedentary male society and full of serious health problems that unfortunately only end in very early deaths. Obesity, in turn, is caused by malnutrition accompanied by the aforementioned sedentary lifestyle, so it is good to implement a series of recommendations that help to significantly reduce the risk factors that cause heart attacks or problems, kidney, circulatory, osteomuscular , finally causing a life NOT healthy.

In this world everything is given by a chain, where we have a person, could be completely healthy and one with a history of heart disease, in which both individuals are young and do the odd sport, do not have big worries, have no work and do not he has apparent health problems, but they maintain a very deficient diet in terms of nutritional values, as they evolve, they become adults, they acquire new responsibilities, they become independent and the work stress increases, they leave the physical exercises for «lack of time «but they continue to maintain the same diet malnourished, and even worse by the same lack of time and after this a bad weight gain, little by little deficiencies are presented physically and sooner or later, earlier for men With a history of heart disease, health problems begin to appear, where obesity due to malnutrition are the protagonists of this new horror movie.

Some of the recommendations that can be taken into account to prevent obesity are very simple to apply, all we need to have is good discipline, and among them we have:

  • Organize your day and get prepare for it, that is, a plan of the meals that you will consume throughout the day and in your corresponding hours would be an excellent idea. You body will thank you for that.
  • Take some time to read about what you can eat and what you can not, thus informing you about the nutritional value of what you are carrying in your mouth and body.
  • A daily routine of cardiovascular exercises, preferably in the mornings.
  • Read about prolonged fasting, an excellent option for those high levels of cholesterol that are harming you.
  • Take some time for yourself and your family, and leave aside so much work, and always keep in mind that everything in excess at some point starts to turn bad.