Men’s health above all

Men as good human beings, we often neglect important things, forget dates, forget commitments, events that we remember late but we know how to reward, for all this we can recover, however there is something that we forget most of the time and when we remember it is for the consequences that forgetting is affecting us, and this is our health; How many men do we do our routine exams every year? That is, the great majority forgets it and only does it when they begin to present a condition in their health, that is why this article talks about some exams that should be done annually to check that everything is in order.

Due to the high impact society has and responsibilities on men once they become adults, many diseases are generated and often due to lack of physical activity, poor diet, excessive stress, bad habits such as smoking and alcoholics but all these diseases are highlighted in a very long time, which means that there is time to prevent them and this is achieved by caring for our body, performing a general routine check every year, ranging from blood tests to echographic studies.

Here are some of the important tests that should be done in your routine, please check:

  • Take some blood pressure tests, hemodynamic function, hematological values.
  • Have blood tests that specify cholesterol levels
  • Please do very often a diabetes test, with the glucometer, for the evaluation of blood glucose.
  • Go to the dentist and have dental exams to check the tooth life and also the tooth decay.
  • Once time in the year take an eye exam, to improve reading at work.
  • Have you vaccines
  • Exams for infectious diseases
  • Physical exam
  • Testicular test
  • Prostatic examination
  • Cardiopulmonary assessments
  • Intellectual assessment
  • Joint mobility checkup
  • Evaluation of muscle volumen

This series of exams are carried out with the aim of preventing diseases, assessing risk of possible future affections, identification and treatment of possible diseases, helping man to know his physical limits according to his age and organic condition, update his vaccines, among others.

Good male health is only achieved with a discipline and self-concern, having a good diet, a good training plan, a good intake of fluids, a considerable reduction of work stress and a good annual check of all its functions organic Producing in turn a life and a much healthier and quieter organization of life.