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Despite the social knowledge we have about the severity of prostate diseases such as prostate cancer can be, even among the male community remains the taboo of the prostate exam, taboo ranging from the psychological to the sexual. The prostate is no more than an organ belonging to the male reproductive system which is prone to suffer long-term diseases such as prostate cancer which has become the second cause of death in man, inflammatory prostatitis and Infectious and benign prostatic growth.

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As mentioned above, these diseases are more likely in the long term, that is, in the age of the elderly, that is why it is recommended that every man over 40 years of age perform his prostate exam to rule out any abnormality, which not being caught in time can cause great complications; Men with a family history of prostate cancer should have more attention to their prostate once they reach the age of majority, as this increases the chances of developing said cancer, and it is because the cancer is formed by a series of cells that mutate and begin to multiply without any control, producing a carcinogenic mass that degenerates the functions of the male reproductive system.

One of the causes that lead man to delay the examination of the prostate is the fear of homosexuality, because they believe that by allowing this test they will feel some taste and can become homosexual, this is really the most important reason in society , in this way, male health is affected mostly by the lack of this necessary test such as drinking water every morning. However, there are currently a variety of options to check your prostate, and among these we have:

  • The blood test where the prostate antigen or PSA is evaluated.
  • Rectal examination, with which prostate abnormalities can be palpated for an especialist.
  • Take a prostatic ultrasound where the composition of the prostate is observed through the images.
  • Measurement of the urine stream or flowmetry, which allows to evaluate the correct function of the urine stream since when there are prostate problems it becomes slower and weaker.
  • A biopsy can sabe you from a dangerous desease like cancer.
  • General urine tests, to assess the presence of blood or microorganisms.


It is recommended that these tests can be conducted once a year for your doctor of preference, take seriously your health, take the advice.