The Viking man

At the present day and for many several years now it has become a culture, in some countries, fictitious and in others very cruel and real, “that man is a Viking by nature”, that is to say, that from a very young age they are inculcated either indirectly or directly, the idea that a true masculine gender should know how to drink alcohol, and in many cases in a danger excess, in order to be considered a “true man”; this and like so many, are the ideas that are wrong about how the male gender should be, without knowing or being aware that this is not only something that has no meaning but has in turn caused very serious problems for male health, such as physical and mental , which unfortunately are noticed over the years when it is, in many cases, too late to be able to reverse them, creating the addicted man of tomorrow.

The main affected in this game who will fall first is the liver, this part of the body is responsible for filtering the blood of our body and therefore responsible for filtering all alcohol we ingest, may cause long-term liver problems such as liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and until the total collapse of it, resulting in irreversibility of the organ and certain death. Like this organ, others are affected as well as the stomach, which can present gastric ulcers, acidity and gastroesophageal reflux; we also have the kidneys which, because they are also filters, our body will filter said alcohol and cause serious renal problems throughout; in turn all this can cause heart problems and respiratory and even brain.

Alcohol also causes social problems, since many male drinkers are rejected by societies that do not tolerate abstract behaviors due to drinking, and these men go into a permanent drunken state because of an alcohol addiction, their daily routine is drink and always be in that state of neuronal decontrol, which causes them a personal tranquility.

This stereotype of the Viking man is good to take it into account and eliminate it as such and that alcohol goes from being a requirement to be a simple meeting with friends at work or a celebration of a birthday, and that ceases to be a consolation for when your systems neurons are in a state of depression, because this way you can also reach alcoholism.